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So, how did a student travel company start a recruitment company!?

The idea of Invasion Jobs was born in a bar on Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok. Three old friends, Phil Bowen, Nick Steiert and Lee McAteer, were sipping a few Leo Beers and talking about life. Phil had been teaching in Thailand for around a year and was giving the holidaying Nick and Lee the lowdown. He was talking about how frustrating it was seeing unmotivated and lazy teachers, and how Thailand was desperate for enthusiastic and motivated teachers. Nick and Lee talking about how well Invasion Travel was going but how when the students graduated they wished they could continue to work with them. Suddenly it dawned on them that their respective problems both had the same solution; Invasion Jobs.

They thought; why not set up a way of getting these driven and motivated graduates over to Thailand to teach! Both sides win! Nick and Lee returned to the UK and Phil spent six months setting up the Thai infrastructure before heading back to the UK as well. The final product was a ‘Teach in Thailand Project’ set up by a teacher in Thailand which drew on first hand experience and made the transition to Thailand as simple and hassle-free as possible for the applicant.

The response was incredible and they were inundated with applications. From there Invasion Jobs grew and grew, and they even took over the running of InvAID, a venture offering worldwide voluntary projects. Now Invasion Jobs and InvAID have a plethora of opportunities all over the world and are constantly announcing new ventures! Travel the world and discover countries as a local with Invasion Jobs and InvAID.

Meet The Team

Philip James Bowen
IMG_2173I first got to know the Invasion brand when I was at Sheffield University and worked with Nick throughout my third year. After graduating I lived all over Thailand where I taught Maths and English before setting up the Invasion Jobs brand and our first project; Teach in Thailand. Coupled with my personal experiences of living in Southeast Asia and my desire for providing Thailand with high quality teachers I put together a package that would make moving continents as simple and hassle-free as possible.

I now oversee all of the Invasion Jobs and InvAID projects, and have experienced the majority of them first hand. It’s great being able to offer other people the same amazing experiences I had whilst simultaneously providing help for some of my favourite countries.

Phil’s Thailand experience was also documented in both The Sun and The MEN!
Nick Steiert
NickDuring my time at Leeds University I ran the Law Society which gave me an invaluable insight into the world of student societies. Using lessons learnt and experiences gained when running the society, I set up Invasion in 2008 before later co-founding AmeriCamp with Lee McAteer, who is my business partner and friend that I met at law school. AmeriCamp provided English students with the opportunity of working in American summer camps whilst Invasion offered specially tailored nights and holidays for students.

The whole principle of Invasion Jobs ties in beautifully with my mentality and motivations; I love Southeast Asia and I’ve always wanted to set up projects designed to help rather than just entertain. It’s also great to be able to offer graduate opportunities to all of the followers and societies we build relations with during their undergraduate studies.
Leanne Horrocks
644533_283937875054949_1363535229_nI graduated from Sheffield University after achieving a BA Honours degree in Geography and decided to move to Vietnam to teach English as a foreign language. Upon returning to the UK, I applied for an internship at Invasion as I’ve been on many of Invasion’s University nights out invading Manchester and other cities.

After volunteering at an orphanage in Romania and teaching English in both Vietnam and China. I want to help other graduates and students have the experience I’ve had. With a desire to help developing countries and the first-hand experience, I fit nicely into the Invasion Jobs ethos.
Millie Karlsen
MillieDespite adoring my time at Newcastle University I was always counting down the days until I could start my travels. So after graduating with a BA honours in History and Politics, I began planning two trips, one travelling South East Asia and the other volunteering in South Africa. Whilst travelling I immersed myself in as much of the culture as possible, trying the food, talking to the locals and seeing as much as I could.

Finding the internship at Invasion presented me with the perfect opportunity to use my love and knowledge of travelling in a productive way. Working primarily on the InvAid projects during my internship, allows me to help other people have the experiences I’ve had, whilst knowing they are helping the countries that hold such a present place in my heart.
Maeva Ducros Lemoine
2103_1096996943703_5126_nStudying marketing in France, I was starving for travels. Going abroad for holidays was not enough to feel fulfilled, so once my diploma in hand, I decided to specialize in the travel industry. After completing my masters at the University of Central Lancashire (UK) I entered Invasion where my conception of tourism led me to launch several projects under the new InvAID brand.

I wanted the InvAID packages to offer authenticity as well as a mix of freedom and safety; that’s why our travellers can feel like adventurers on unbeaten tracks whilst simultaneously keeping complete peace of mind.

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