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Welcome to the AmeriCamp revolution. Here at AmeriCamp we offer you the chance to spend your summer gaining invaluable work experience at any one of over 900 camps in the USA, all the while earning a great wage and having an unforgettable American adventure. Voted ‘Best Summer Camp Organisation’ for the last 3 years by Save The Student we are dedicated to making your experience the best it can be, with the highest salaries and lowest costs in the industry.


Dates At A Glance
  • 1st September 2013 – Applications open
  • 1st March 2013 – Applications close
  • Applicants must be available for nine weeks between June and August
What’s Included?
  • Placement at one of the best camps in America
  • On average the highest paying summer camp organisation
  • Comprehensive medical insurance
  • Free food and accommodation
  • Programme fees – £199


Welcome to the AmeriCamp revolution. Here at AmeriCamp we offer you the chance to spend your summer gaining invaluable work experience at any one of over 900 camps in the USA, all the while earning a great wage and having an unforgettable American adventure. Voted ‘Best Summer Camp Organisation’ for the last 3 years by Save The Student we are dedicated to making your experience the best it can be, with the highest salaries and lowest costs in the industry. Our friendly staff will help you through every step of the process from getting your vital documents together to arranging your visa. Our package also offers comprehensive insurance and 24 hour assistance, making you feel totally cared for at every step in your journey. We’re always happy to answer any questions that you might have! Give us a call on 0161 212 1127!

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Deadlines And Dates
  • Applications open September 1st 2013
Applications close March 1st 2014
Applicants must be available for a minimum of 9 weeks between June and August
What’s Included In The Programme?



A salary of between $1285 and $1845 ($2000+ for those returning to a camp).
J1 visa support and documents.
30 additional days on your visa upon expiry of your contract, allowing you the option of travelling anywhere in the USA.
The opportunity to work at one of a massive network of 900+ camps at locations across the US.
  • Free accommodation and meals whilst at camp.
Comprehensive medical insurance.
A 24/7 emergency American hotline.
Award winning customer service and pastoral care at every stage of the application process.
  • Flight flexibility.
Discount with our partners, including Trek America, STA travel, Invasion Travel, hostels across the USA and more!
Free dominoes pizza at one of our legendary orientations.
A free AmeriCamp T-shirt.
  • Programme fees – £199
Candidate Requirements

Available for a minimum of 9 weeks between June and August.
Able to pass an enhanced CRB check.
Support Staff must be able to provide a proof of Student Status.
Camp Counsellors must have experience with children, experience with outdoor activities, water sports, arts and crafts, the performing arts, childcare or a few of our huge array of outdoor adventure skills. See our website for more details.
To be at least 18 years old by June 1st 2014.
An enthusiastic and can do attitude, a willingness to learn and a love of children!


Camp Counsellor

Camp Counsellors can expect to get involved with every aspect of camp. You’ll be responsible for waking the campers up in the morning, making sure they get their meals on time, getting involved with a range of activities, being a great role model all day and finally putting them back to bed again!

Camp Counsellors will be skilled and experienced in a particular activity and instruct or assist directly in activities. A desire to work with children and a raw enthusiasm is a must. In return you will get an incredibly rewarding experience, an invaluable addition to your CV and probably a cracking tan!

We have a huge array of skills which counsellors can be employed for, however currently our top 10 most employable skills for Camp Counsellors are:

  • Water sports (Sailing, Jet Skiing etc)
Horse Riding
Climbing/High Ropes
Support Staff

Support Staff first of all MUST be a student or recent graduate (graduate of 2014 for 2014 programme) and be able to provide verification in the form of a proof of student status form stamped by your institute of learning. Support Staff are involved in making the camp run like clockwork. Roles include areas such as administration, maintenance, grounds-keeping and house-keeping.

The Support Staff programme is perfect for applicants who have experience in areas like hospitality or maintenance and want all the rewarding interaction with children, an incredible camp experience and an amazing addition to their CV. Support staff get the same salary as their Camp Counsellor counterparts and a huge amount of time off to enjoy long summer days and balmy sun-kissed evenings!

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Programme fees for the AmeriCamp programme are £199.

Third party costs include CRB check fee, Visa fee and cost of flights. However due to the scheduling of our programme you will not pay these fees until it is required that you do so. We will not request all fees up-front and will only require fees as and when they are needed i.e. we do not request your CRB check fee until you have been offered a guaranteed contract.

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We asked our very own Elana Cohen, a veteran of the AmeriCamp programme what you can expect from your camp:

“All I can say is that every camp is completely different! Wherever you’ll go they’ll have their own way of doing things and that uniqueness is one of the best things about working at camp. This was roughly my daily routine anyway!

  • 8:00am – Wake up and get the kids ready for the day.
8:30am – We met at the old tree stump for camp songs before breakfast.
9:00am – Time for breakfast.
9:30am – Half an hour to get the cabin cleaned up.
  • 10:00am – 1:00pm Time for the start of all our activities with the kids! We’d do a different activity every hour and they’d be really varied like ropes, cooking, archery etc. It sounds a bit cliché but there really is something for everyone!
1:00pm – Lunch time!
2:00pm – Rest hour, gives you the time to digest your lunch and gather your energy for all the activities to come!
  • 3:00 – 5:00pm – Even more activities!
  • 5:00pm – Free time for the kids. This is an opportunity for the kids to talk to their new friends and just have a bit of time for themselves; you’ve still got to keep them entertained though!
6:30pm – Dinner!
7:15pm – Evening song session! This takes a little bit of time to get used to but looking back on it it’s one of my favourite parts of camp! The songs really get stuck in your head after a while!
8:00pm – The evening programme was an hour or so filled with educational or fun activities for the kids like dancing, karaoke or arts and crafts.
9:00 – 11:00pm – Time for bed! You’ve got to put the younger kids to bed first, some of the older ones can stay up until 11, but everyone’s got to get some shut eye, it’s another big day tomorrow!

Once a session (for us a period of 2-3 weeks, but it could be week on week) we’d go out on day excursions. We were lucky enough to be next to Malibu beach so our days out would often involve heading out to the beach to go kayaking, swimming and catch some rays!

Every session we’d also have a Camp Olympics, just to make sure that everyone had been paying attention in the activities! There’s also all the old great stereotypes of the camp experience, time by the lake and camp fire songs. It’s amazing and you’ll remember these days for the rest of your life. I can’t recommend it enough!” – Elana Cohen.



  • 1. Completely fill out our footprints application online, accessible on our website.
2. Await a phone call to arrange an interview. You must pay your £40 interview fee prior to your interview.
3. Obtain and submit your references (2 for Support Staff, 3 for Camp Counsellors.)
4. Upload a passport style photo to your application.
5. Sign and return a copy of the AmeriCamp Programme Agreement.
6. Film your AmeriCamp application video (around 1-2 minutes showcasing any skills and your enthusiasm for camp) Make sure there’s no inappropriate content such as alcohol consumption on it and get ready to be a YouTube sensation.
7. SUPPORT STAFF ONLY – return a proof of student status document.
8. Post-interview you will be invited to pay your £60 acceptance fee. This will be the last fee requested of you until your either your application is being circulated around the US camps or you have been placed and we require you to begin your visa application process.

We will be in constant contact throughout this process so don’t worry if you have any problems. We’ll be there to help!


Rich: AmeriCamp was the best experience, I met some great people and had so much fun. Everybody should take the opportunity while it’s there and join the AmeriCamp Revolution! Thank you AmeriCamp for such an amazing time!

Holly: Doing AmeriCamp has been the best decision of my life. I have travelled, worked and lived the American dream. I have made friendships that will last a life time and I cannot help but return to my camp family year after year.

Hannah: I thoroughly enjoyed my time working as part of AmeriCamp kitchen staff. I was part of an amazing team and was given a great deal of responsibility to run the kitchen and event nights. My working hours meant I had my evenings free to enjoy the camp facilities and surrounding area. This especially looks great on my CV. I can’t wait to go back next year!

Kamran: Doing AmeriCamp with people that have special needs was the most rewarding experience of my life. Helping others achieve personal goals and enjoy their summer despite a disability has truly been life changing. Thanks AmeriCamp!


I want to apply now, but I haven’t got my references or done a YouTube video yet

Do as much of the application as possible, we can always add things to the application at a later date. It’s better to have a bit done now than waiting to try and get it all done at once!

Your Face Here 1For how long do I need to be available for?

You must be available from around the middle of June to the middle of August. Preference will be given to AmeriCamp applicants who are available earlier and for longer periods. If you are available early then please make us aware of this! Some camps start on May 1st so you’ll be giving yourself a huge advantage. Other camps don’t finish until September so if you can be as flexible as possible you’re massively increasing your chances. If you are unsure of exam dates speak to your parent department, they’ll be able to help out.

Can I apply as a Camp Counsellor and Support Staff?

First of all remember that to be support staff you have to be a student and to be a camp counsellor you don’t. You can apply as both but you will have to decide at your interview which application you’d like to progress with! Unfortunately we can’t transit two applications for the same person past this stage!

Caption 10Who should complete my references?

For Camp Counsellor positions our AmeriCamp application requires that you submit three references. Support Staff require two references and a proof of Student Status form, completed by your University. For both types of application at least one of these references must be in the form of our CCUSA questionnaire; this is available to download on our footprints application site.

References must be written in English and the referee must know you in a working or academic capacity; we do not accept references from family members. Your referee should have a thorough knowledge of you in a working environment and should have been in contact with you for the past twelve months. Each reference must be uploaded to your application form as soon as possible. If you’re having trouble uploading them yourself you can also email them into us at [email protected]

How long will it take for my J1 visa to be processed?

This varies from country to country. Once you have left your passport with the embassy and a certain amount of time has passed you will have your passport returned to you, complete with your J1 visa. Generally this return period can be anything from 2 to 10 days. Unlike the times you have visited the airport this visa is not stamped in, it is a whole page visa. This means you must leave your passport with the embassy for it to be put in.

All first time applicants MUST attend a J1 visa day at the embassy. This is a requirement of the US state department. This visa day can be arranged via AmeriCamp on your footprints account once you have been placed. We do our best to arrange as much of the visa process as we can so as to take the burden off of you, our lovely applicants!

I want to be at the same camp as a friend, can AmeriCamp do this?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that friends will be placed at the same camp. It is in your best interest not to refuse a placement because your friend has not received an offer from the same camp; this could hamper both of your chances! What we can guarantee is that if we are made aware of your wishes, and there are sufficient extenuating circumstances, then we will do our best to make the camps aware of your situation in the hopes of a solution!

Caption 8How old do I have to be to do AmeriCamp in 2013?

As part of the American visa regulations, participants in the AmeriCamp program must be 18 years of age by June 1st 2013. With regret, AmeriCamp does not accept applications from people who are not 18 by June 1st. You can go as a camper though. Email us for more information.

I am in America and I have a problem at Camp, but don’t know what to do and I don’t want to talk to a camp colleague

AmeriCamp has a 24 hours, seven days a week hot-line for any emergencies in America through our visa sponsor CCUSA. As well as this, all of our staff worldwide will always be happy to speak to you on any issue and will always be more than willing to help. Our visa sponsor CCUSA is the first point of call for any emergencies in the USA and are available 24hours a day. They can be contacted on 1-800-999-2267. As an AmeriCamper you are part of our family and will be treated so.

What happens when I complete my application?

The AmeriCamp team are constantly evaluating applications on its database. If we believe your application is good enough you will be asked to come to an interview at either AmeriCamp HQ in Manchester, with a campus manager in your location or on skype.

What happens if I am denied a visa at the American Embassy, but have paid my fees to AmeriCamp?

AmeriCamp cannot be held responsible for denied visas. The fees are non-refundable.

What happens if I have paid my fees, but have not uploaded all my references or completed all of my documents in time?

If through no fault of AmeriCamp you miss out on a placement due to missing documents or a place is taken away because of this or we are unable to transit your application due to missing documentation then no refunds will be issued. All documents and details must be completed by March 1st 2013 for the 2013 Summer.

I live in the UK but I am a US citizen, does this affect my application?

If you or your parents are, have been, or are legally capable of becoming US passport holders or US Citizens (or you were born in the USA), you will not be eligible for the program (contact us directly for other program options).

What happens if I miss my visa appointment?

AmeriCamp can re-book your visa appointment at the cost of £30 to the applicant. This is due to administration and time costs involved with negotiating another appointment with the Embassy.

Caption 12What happens if I am unable to complete my placement with AmeriCamp after I have accepted it?

The details regarding the amount of your fees that will be refunded to you in this instance can be found on your Camp Counsellor Programme Agreement and in line with our FAQ above titled: What happens if I have paid my fees, but have not uploaded all my references or completed all of my documents in time?

What happens to the money I pay to AmeriCamp if I later withdraw my application?

If you withdraw your application as per our terms and conditions a refund will not be granted.

What happens if I have paid my fees but not completed all of my application in time?

Once again, details regarding the amount of your fees that will be refunded to you in this instance can be found on your Camp Counsellor Programme Agreement and in line with these FAQs. Generally however, if you do not meet the AmeriCamp deadlines a refund will not be issued.

I have been asked to amend my application, but I forgot to do it, if I don’t get placed will I get a refund?

If one of the AmeriCamp team has asked you to amend your application it is for good reason, that being to try and get you onto that plane! If you don’t follow what we say then we cannot be at fault and therefore no refund will be given.

I am part of a student society and wondered if AmeriCamp would sponsor us?

We are always happy to look at sponsoring societies, give us your best pitch!

Does AmeriCamp provide hoodies?

Yes, each year we create a brand new design and they cost £24.99, this includes P&P.

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