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Invasion jobs can provide you with everything you need to make a success of a working in Ibiza. We do all the hard work for you so you have more time to party. We provide accommodation in the famous west end, worker’s wristband, NIE number, Spanish phone with SIM and, of course, set you up with exclusive job interviews allowing you access to the most desirable jobs in Ibiza. We will also have experienced reps on hand to answer any queries and to show you around.


  • Late May
What’s Included?
  • Accommodation for one month
  • Exclusive job interviews with Ibiza’s best and most reputable employers
  • Spanish mobile phone and SIM card
  • NIE Number
  • A prestigious worker’s wristband
  • £459
  • 12th April 2013
  • Deposits must be paid by this date, final balance payments are due a month before departure!


It is widely accepted that Ibiza is the number one clubbing clubbing destination in the world and rightly so. It is home to some of the biggest clubs and even boasts the world’s largest club. Anyone who is into clubbing wants to be in Ibiza and it is every DJ’s dream to play at Ibiza and join the likes of Armin Van Burren, Tiesto and David Guetta who regularly headline. Ibiza isn’t all about house and trance though, it attracts music across the whole spectrum including big names like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian and The Prodigy. Whatever you’re into, Ibiza has it.

Even without the incredible clubbing scene, Ibiza is amazing. It has warm, clear water and beautiful sandy beaches, you will be partying in paradise! The Mediterranean climate will definitely beat England’s attempt at ‘summer sun’. Ibiza is also seen as the cleanest and safest of the party islands and with Invasion Jobs there’ll always be someone on hand to help you out.

ibiz 8Food in Ibiza is definitely another selling point, you’ll be blown away by the freshly caught seafood as well as the Spanish and Ibicencan food, so lining your stomach for a night out will be a culinary delight! Although the beaches are sublime that’s not all Ibiza has to offer, you’ll also be impressed by the lush greenery, spectacular mountains, olive groves and the peaceful unspoiled villages inland.

Ibiza boasts a huge number of activities as well as nights out, you indulge in any water sport imaginable, race your mates on the go-kart track and go golfing (both mini and full-size!) You’ll never find yourself at a loose end and the Facebook photos will make all of your friends extremely jealous!

Ibiza has everything you need, and more, to provide you with the best summer of your life!


2The Invasion Jobs Ibiza Package takes all of the stress and hassle out of your Ibiza experience allowing you to concentrate on having the best time you possibly can. From beginning to end we are there offering support and guidance to make things as easy as possible. You don’t have to worry about flat hunting or finding job interviews when you first get there as we will sort all of that out for you prior to departure and with our exclusive contacts you’ll get access to some of the most sought after jobs. We provide you with an NIE number and will arrange all of the application process, we even give you a Spanish phone and SIM so that you’re able to keep in touch with other workers and friends straight away. Just incase you needed a bit of extra persuading, you’ll also be given one of the highly desirable worker’s wristbands and with our extensive list of contacts you’ll be able to get other discounts all over Ibiza.

Do a working holiday in Ibiza the easy way.


ibiz 6

  • Fill in application and attach CV from Invasion website
  • One of the Invasion Team will assess your application
  • Pay holding deposit of £50
  • Pay remaining balance
  • Complete orientation and gain NIE with help of our partners in Ibiza
  • Attend your specially organised interviews and begin your Ibiza Invasion
  • Have the summer of your life!

Please not that you will not be working for Invasion in Ibiza. We will set you up with interviews with the major employers, but it is up to you to impress them and get the job!!


Do I work for Invasion, and do you guarantee me a job?

You don’t work for Invasion in resort. We use our connections to land you the interviews for the best jobs, but then it’s up to you to impress! You’ve got to make sure you shine during your interviews and that you work hard to impress your new employers!
ibiz 7
How much will I need to survive?

Depending on what kind of quality of life you are after this answer varies greatly. Most people live fine off the average wage of 40 euro per day. People have survived fine at 30 euro. Other people have phoned home to their parents to ask for more money when earning 50 euro per day. It depends on your budgeting skills. You can get the subway meal of the day for around 3 euro, and freshly made baguettes are available all over the island for a similar price, maybe one euro more. A bottle of water is under 1 euro for a big multi litre bottle and average rent is from 200 – 500 euro per month, per person.

Is it all fun and games?

It’s a great time and a great experience and you make some amazing friends for life and most people continue to come back year after year, but it’s not all easy. As long as you don’t treat it as a holiday then you’ll have a great time. If you treat it like a holiday you’ll be disappointed after a short period of time when all your money is gone. Ibiza is an expensive place to be a tourist.

3How easy is it to find work?

Difficult. But if you are a good worker then you’ll be fine. It’s only a small community of workers and businesses so word spreads fast if you are a good worker. They key is to never miss a shift. Missing a shift because you are ill will 9/10 times result in losing your job. Ibiza may be within the European Union, and you may be entitled to your employee rights, but it tends not to really matter.

What do I need to work in Spain?

Once you get here you will need to apply for an N.I.E. number which is like a national insurance number for foreign citizens. Apparently you can apply for this before via the foreign consulate but everyone we are aware thats tried this never received their number by post, as promised by the Consulate staff.

ibiz 5Do I need to learn Spanish?

Generally, no but we of course recommend that you do because it will really give you a huge advantage over non-spanish speaking job applicants. If you are wanting bar work then we definitely recommend learning to count to 100, and basic bar speak like, “please”, “thanks”, “the bill”. Rosetta Stone is a brilliant piece of software to learn spanish but it comes with a hefty price tag. “Coffee Break Learn Spanish” podcast is a brilliant free podcast available on iTunes.

Will I need my driving license?

Of course if you have one then bring it but generally – no. Driving jobs for english speaking workers don’t come around often and you shouldn’t hold your breath for one. It’s more of a job given to returning workers with really good reliability.

Is it true everyone gets drunk at work?

Depends on your boss. Some places actively encourage you get extremely drunk as it builds better rapport with customers. Other places don’t like it. It is common.

ibiz 1Are all street promotion jobs (PR) commission based?

No. Some are, but not all. Generally commission based ones are illegal.

What happens if I get caught working illegally?

Like most other things it depends on your luck. Some people get away with a warning, others have been fined, and in some cases people can end up in prison (which was the fate for a couple of months for some laughing gas sellers in 2011).

Is it easy to get a DJ job?

It’s pretty easy to get a DJ trial so if you are good enough then yes – but with so many budding DJs going to Ibiza its difficult, especially if you are stubborn and won’t mix different genres of music. If you only play one genre of music then you are more suited for a club. Getting a shot at DJing in a club will most likely never happen.


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