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What Is The Invasion Club?

6-300x300To ensure that all of our teachers are completely covered for every eventuality we have put together the Invasion Club Membership. This unique membership program, which includes the benefit of comprehensive travel cover, is designed to completely look after you if anything were to go wrong over in Thailand. We highly recommend that you take out a Membership with us so that you (and your parents) can have complete peace of mind whilst living and working abroad.

If you have any questions about the membership, please drop an email to [email protected] and we’ll talk you through the policy.

Why The Invasion Club?

While some may be content with the notion of local coverage and under the impression the medical care in regions like South East Asia is relatively inexpensive, it can also be very basic and may not be up to the standards that most of us are used to.

The necessity for adequate travel cover becomes extremely significant in the event you actually do require some serious medical attention and the only option is to evacuate or transport you to another city, or even country, to receive the medical help and expertise you may urgently need. It is at this point that proper travel cover stops looking like a luxury item and becomes a necessity.

Amsterdam 6Invasion is proud to offer our clients the opportunity to join its unique membership program, the Invasion Club which provides our members the essential benefits for important to travelers all over the world. Simply put, our international travel cover focuses on what our members need most; peace of mind whilst far from home.

Designed with the Invasion traveler in mind, the Invasion Club is offered as an extra service exclusive to our customers and provides full travel coverage as a benefit of membership, whether you are planning on working abroad or just cutting loose on one of our weekend escapes.

In addition to travel benefits, each Invasion Club membership includes first-class medical benefits, as well personal accident and free personal liability coverage, a free dedicated Emergency Evacuation Service and, in the case of a fatality or emergency, we will provide repatriation or transport to your home country. Depending on the type of adventure you have planned, with an Invasion Club membership you will enjoy coverage of 1,000,000- 5,000,000 US dollars to ensure you are protected wherever you go.

Invasion Club Member Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Worldwide Travel Coverage
  • Global Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Electronic Health Record & Online Medical Advisory Service
  • International Visa Card With Online Topup
  • 24/7 Helpline – Both in UK and On-Location

Invasion Club Member Coverage Includes:

  • Cancellation/Curtailment of Trip*
  • Personal Accident
  • Medical and Other Expenses
  • Repatriation/Emergency Evacuation
  • Daily Hospital Treatment
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Loss/Damage of Baggage & Personal Effects

What Does It Cost

Vietnam 3Invasion Club Membership for a full year is merely £175, and that includes all of the amazing benefits listed above. We will actually eat our hats if you can find a cheaper way of covering yourself on your adventure!


Invasion travel is in the business of promoting offshore trust memberships as an alternative to traditional International Travel Insurance. Invasion travel is not involved in the promotion or solicitation of such Insurance policy products. The information provided by Invasion is intended to be educational in nature and it is not intended to be a solicitation.
Travel insurance coverage is provided free of charge as a complementary benefit to all eligible Invasion Travel members.
This is not a stand alone product and is not for sale.
Invasion Copyright 2013.

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