Vietnam Threes
After the incredible successful Thailand project, we are ecstatic to now offer a Vietnam project. Same concept; build your CV by getting a TEFL qualification recognised worldwide, develop your skills and travel in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Discover an amazing culture that will embrace you with warm hospitability and happiness. Here at Invasion Jobs we have experienced team members who have taught in Vietnam and Thailand. Therefore you can be sure that we have developed the appropriate services and support you need!

Arrival Dates (August)
On-Location – 3/8/13
Online – 24/8/13
Arrival Dates (January)
On-Location – 4/1/13
Online – 11/1/13


  • August and January
  • On-location TEFL Course with four week orientation
  • Online 120-Hour Tefl Course with one week orientation
What’s Included?
  • Accommodation during whole internship
  • TEFL and/or certificate upon program completion
  • Pre-departure handbook and welcome pack
  • Orientation, Welcome Dinner, excursions and Vietnamese lessons
  • 24/7 Support throughout the program
  • Visa arrangements
  • Airport Pick up and transfer to teaching location
  • Monthly salary of 6 million Vietnamese Dong plus completion bonus
  • Online Course – £1195
  • On Location Course – £1895
Candidate Requirements
  • Native English Speaker
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum sign up of five months


Modern day Vietnam is fast, vibrant and dynamic. The incredible speed at which this country is developing, and the ambitious plans to achieve post–industrial age, are leaving other southeast Asian countries in awe. The people of Vietnam are emerging from war and revolution riding a motorbike, with a mobile phone and laptop in hand, whilst their parents, a decade before, harvested rice by hand. Visitors to Vietnam are often immersed in historical, cultural traditions with a hint of modernity leaving them only imagining what this country can achieve in the future. With a 3,260 kilometer coast with some of the world’s best undiscovered beaches, stunning mountains and vibrant cities, Vietnam is a place you can’t help but fall in love with.

Vietnam 5
Vietnamese food is traditionally based around local, fresh seafood; however the routes of colonialism remain. Vietnam boasts a blend of French, Chinese and international cuisine from its many rulers. Each dish must combine the five fundamental tastes of spice, sour, bitterness, salt and sweetness which mirror the five elements of the world. The Vietnamese people enjoy their food cooked, dipped or dunked in a variety of pulps including fish, soya, chilli or peanut sauces. Whilst there, one must not miss tasting the delicious ‘Pho’, which is a noodle soup that can be enjoyed at any point throughout the day, whilst sipping on a ‘Bia Hoi’, locally produced fresh beer.

Teaching in Vietnam is about experiencing a new culture, whilst gaining invaluable experience in the classroom. Once you arrive in Vietnam, you will be provided with an orientation week to gently break into the customs, language and culture of Vietnam. Not too worry, the Vietnamese people are relaxed, happy and remarkably easy going.Vietnam 3

The Vietnamese love a good party and any excuse to celebrate and their calendar is bursting with festivals and events:

  • Late Jan – Early March: Tet, the beginning of the lunar new year, Vietnams biggest celebration. It’s Christmas, Easter and birthday’s rolled into one (literally their birthdays, everybody adds a year to their age at Tet).
  • August: Trung Nugyen (Wandering Souls Day) One of the most important festivals. Celebrations take place in Buddisht temples and homes. Prayers take place to forgive the sins of the dead to prevent them returning.
  • September: Tết Trung Thi. Celebrated mostly by children, lighting lanterns to light the country and wearing masks. An occasion to savor Moon Cake and parade through the town.

The opportunity is here… Don’t miss out!


120-Hour Online TEFL and One Week Orientation:
Vietnam 7

  • Orientation to living and teaching in Vietnam
  • TEFL qualification recognized worldwide
  • Introduction to Vietnamese culture and history
  • Vietnamese lessons and phrasebook
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Social Cultural activities
  • Two day trips
  • Support and emergency services
  • Invasion Welcome Pack
  • Vietnamese sim card and mobile phone
  • Accommodation and all meals

On-Location TEFL Qualification and Four Week Orientation

  • TESOL training program with worldwide recognised provider and English Language School. This includes 5 days of teaching practice with trainer support and observation. This program mirrors the Cambridge CELTA but on a smaller level.
  • …and all of the above

More information on our TEFL online course

Our TEFL course is fully accredited and recognised worldwide. It covers all aspects of teaching right from preparation to delivery and develops EFL specific teaching techniques, making the courses perfect for people with or without teaching experience.

What if I already have a TEFL qualification?

If you have already got a TEFL certificate, please contact us directly and we will arrange a special rate for you.

What other costs are there?

  • Flights – we have a partnership with STA who kindly offer us a teacher rate to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal.
  • Visa – Vietnamese visas must be applied for individually, so sadly we cannot cover this. We will provide you with all of the necessary documentation though. Visas will obtained with an invitation letter upon arrival.
  • Travel/Possession Cover – We strongly recommend that all of our teachers take out our Invasion Cover. All information can be found under the ‘Invasion Club’ tab on this page.


Here is an overview of the living cost in Hanoi.

With a minimum salary of 6 million VND per month, you will quickly realise that money won’t be a big issue for you there. Thus, presenting plenty of opportunities to chill out after your working day as well as to enjoy your free time traveling the country.
1.00 GBP ≈ 32,000 VND


Cost (in Vietnamese Dong)

Average salary in Vietnam


Meal from KFC or Similar


Large beer in a bar




Hanoi Public transport monthly pass


Taxi 1km


1 pair of jean (designer)


Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre of Hanoi



Living and working in Vietnam is a unique experience, you will embrace both the challenges and the rewards as you experience the country and participate in the day to day life of a school. It may vary slightly, but you are likely to have up to 20 face to face teaching hours inclusive in a 35 hour week (which includes lessons prep time, meetings and admin etc).

The Vietnamese government, amongst other development plans, have launched an educational reform. It requires all school leavers to have a B1 level of English according to the European Common Framework by 2020. This mean English teachers’ are highly sought after and valued. In high schools, primary schools and universities across the country students will be learning English for a minimum of one session a week.

Working hours will vary depending on your placement schools. You will be working a minimum of 30 hours a week; this could be spread over weekdays, weekends and evenings. Schools that have specialised English programs will have class sizes of around 20, however in the average Vietnamese school the class size could raise to 50 – 60. This is common in most south east Asian countries. Guys are expected to wear a shirt, tie and trousers while girls can wear a skirt and blouse. Although you’ll be expected to be smart, the Thais understand that you’ll get hot in their tropical weather, so are normally quite flexible with what you can wear!Vietnam 2

Here is the average day of one of our teachers in Ho Chi Minh City at a University.

6.00 – Wake up, grab a shower and tuck into a Vietnamese Baguette with Egg and an Iced Coffee (bánh mì opla and cà phê sữa đá)

6.45 – Walk for 5 mins to the University Campus and find my classroom

7.00 – Class begins with the in pour of students. Today it’s my Banking and Finance students who are learning English to complement their students. We are talking about ‘credit crunch’ and ‘recession’ terminology.

11.00 – Lunch time provided free by my canteen on work days. Today’s choice is either lemon chicken with pumpkin soup or a bowl of chicken noodle soup (phở gà).

11.30 – Time for a quick nap in the teachers’ sleeping room. The Vietnamese enjoy their midday rest from the heat.

13.00 – My afternoon class is my most advanced class, so I enjoy the debates and interesting topics we discuss. Today it’s about gender inequality so we begin with some karaoke to Beyonce’s ‘If I were a boy’ to being out some ideas for discussion.

17.00 – Class finishes and I’m off to have my dinner. I choose a plate of fried rice, mixed vegetables and some beef with a plum sauce.

17.30 – No evening class tonight so I prepare some lessons and go to play football with some of my students on campus.


Stage One
If you are successful in obtaining an interview with us after you have completed your application in full, then we ask you to pay a stage one fee of £50. This will go towards your overall placement cost and has to be paid before being interviewed by one of the amazing Invasion team. This stage one fee is used in order to show your commitment to taking part in the Invasion Jobs programme and also covers the cost of your CRB check. Please note that this is non-refundable. Upon paying the £50 Stage 1 fee, you will be contacted to arrange an interview date and at this stage you will be required to complete a short handwritten essay.

Stage Two
After your interview, your interviewer will write up your notes and your application will be fully assessed by our team. If you are suitable we will confirm your success and offer you a place on the program.
We will ask for your to pay a £150 deposit and with this payment your place is secured and confirmed. You will then be able to log into our specially designed system to register your information, pay the remaining balance of the program and join our recommended. At this stage you will also be able to state your preferences regarding teaching age and location. We ask that within 7 days of confirmation, you pay the £150 deposit and submit the following documents:

  • Character reference
  • Scan of degree certificate
  • Scanned photo (passport size but can be smiling)
  • Scan of the bio date page of their passport

Upload a signed copy of the terms and conditions as well as the character reference form.

Stage Three
Once the deposit has been paid and you have submitted the relevant documents you will have secured your place and we will need scanned copies of:

  • Original CRB check
  • Original TEFL/TESOL Certificate (if already issued)

You are required to complete this course prior to departure. You will also need to book your flights but Invasion Jobs can help you with that and with our partners at STA we will be able to get you the best deal. Just before your departure we will send you a visa pack which will allow you to acquire your visa either by post or from an Embassy close to you.

Stage Four (The Best Stage)
By this stage everything will be finalised so it’s time to travel to Vietnam! You’ll be met by our staff from the airport and transferred to the hotel where you will complete your orientation or TEFL course. Once completed you will then be transferred to your teaching location where our staff will help you find accommodation and you can begin your teaching adventure!


What Is The Invasion Club?

To ensure that all of our teachers are completely covered for every eventuality we have put together the Invasion Club Membership. This unique membership program, which includes the benefit of comprehensive travel cover, is designed to completely look after you if anything were to go wrong over in Vietnam. We highly recommend that you take out a Membership with us so that you (and your parents) can have complete peace of mind whilst living and working abroad.

If you have any questions about the membership, please drop an email to [email protected] and we’ll talk you through the policy.

Why The Invasion Club?

While some may be content with the notion of local coverage and under the impression the medical care in regions like South East Asia is relatively inexpensive, it can also be very basic and may not be up to the standards that most of us are used to.

The necessity for adequate travel cover becomes extremely significant in the event you actually do require some serious medical attention and the only option is to evacuate or transport you to another city, or even country, to receive the medical help and expertise you may urgently need. It is at this point that proper travel cover stops looking like a luxury item and becomes a necessity.

Invasion is proud to offer our clients the opportunity to join its unique membership program, the Invasion Club which provides our members the essential benefits for important to travelers all over the world. Simply put, our international travel cover focuses on what our members need most; peace of mind whilst far from home.

Designed with the Invasion traveler in mind, the Invasion Club is offered as an extra service exclusive to our customers and provides full travel coverage as a benefit of membership, whether you are planning on working abroad or just cutting loose on one of our weekend escapes.

In addition to travel benefits, each Invasion Club membership includes first-class medical benefits, as well personal accident and free personal liability coverage, a free dedicated Emergency Evacuation Service and, in the case of a fatality or emergency, we will provide repatriation or transport to your home country. Depending on the type of adventure you have planned, with an Invasion Club membership you will enjoy coverage of 1,000,000- 5,000,00 US dollars to ensure you are protected wherever you go.

Invasion Club Member Benefits Include:

  • Comprehensive Worldwide Travel Coverage
  • Global Emergency Medical Assistance
  • Electronic Health Record & Online Medical Advisory Service
  • International Visa Card With Online Topup
  • 24/7 Helpline – Both in UK and On-Location

Invasion Club Member Coverage Includes:

  • Cancellation/Curtailment of Trip*
  • Medical and Other Expenses
  • Repatriation/Emergency Evacuation
  • Daily Hospital Treatment
  • Emergency Dental Treatment
  • Loss/Damage of Baggage & Personal Effects

What Does It Cost

Invasion Club Membership for a full year is merely £175, and that includes all of the amazing benefits listed above. We will actually eat our hats if you can find a cheaper way of covering yourself on your adventure!


Invasion travel is in the business of promoting offshore trust memberships as an alternative to traditional International Travel Insurance. Invasion travel is not involved in the promotion or solicitation of such Insurance policy products. The information provided by Invasion is intended to be educational in nature and it is not intended to be a solicitation.
Travel insurance coverage is provided free of charge as a complementary benefit to all eligible Invasion Travel members.
This is not a stand alone product and is not for sale.
Invasion Copyright 2013.

Please read our full terms and conditions here.


Is there a minimum time I have to commit to? Why?
Yes, we require all candidates to sign up for a minimum of five months. This is because school semesters in Vietnam are five months long and we can’t have our teachers leaving halfway through the semester and disturbing the children’s learning.

Do I need previous teaching experience to apply?
No, you can apply without any teaching experience as you will learn everything you need to know during the TEFL course. If you sign up for the on location course in Ho Chi Minh you will also get plenty of classroom experience. We just want you to be enthusiastic and have an interest in teaching.

I already have a TEFL, can you help me!?
Of course! Send us an email and we can talk to you about our placement only package, with guaranteed employment.Vietnam 6

Do I get to choose where in Vietnam I can teach?
Yes, after the interviews we will take your preferences of where you want to teach and also what age you want to teach, and we will take this into account when placing you.

Will there be other English teachers in my school, and can I be placed with my friend/partner?
Most of our schools have more than one English teacher, so chances are you won’t be alone. Even if you’re the only English teacher at your school, you will live with another intern who is placed at a nearby school. If you’re planning on travelling out with someone, just let us know and we’ll try our best to place you together.

I haven’t finished my degree yet, can I apply now?
Yes, you do not need a degree to be accepted onto our Vietnam program. However if you do have a degree you will be easily placed.

What other costs are there?
There are a couple of third party extras that you have to pay. Firstly you will have to arrange your own flights, but we do have a partnership with STA who offer a special teacher rate to ensure you get the best price possible. We provide you with all of the visa documentation; however you must cover the cost of the Vietnamese visa as we cannot apply for visas as a company.

Should I learn Vietnamese before coming?
It might be worth having a quick look at the basics, but we’ll go over those in the orientation anyway. Either way, once you’re in Vietnam you’ll pick up the Vietnamese language much quicker than you could with a tape or from a book. In most cases the Vietnamese staff at your school will give you lessons too. Don’t forget that Invasion have a 24/7 support line, so if you’re ever stuck, our Vietnamese speaking staff can help you.

How competitive is the application process?
A lot of websites advertising TEFL jobs boast that they will accept anyone, but here at Invasion we work with only the best schools in Vietnam and they demand a higher calibre of teachers. Therefore we are selective with our applicants to ensure we provide great teachers. Don’t be put off though, we do have plenty of spaces and we’re very good at spotting talent!

Will Invasion Jobs provide me with flights?
No, but you get an exclusive ‘Invasion Teacher’ rate when booking flights with our partner STA Travel.

How do I get my Vietnamese visa?
We will provide you with all of the necessary documentation and guide you through this process, but you don’t need to worry about getting a visa until a couple of weeks before your trip.Vietnam 4

What vaccinations and medication do I need?
None of our schools are located in Malaria danger areas, but we do advise seeing your GP before travelling to discuss vaccinations. In the meantime check out http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk/destinations/asia-(east)/vietnam.aspx for more details, or speak to one of the Invasion staff and we can advise you further.

What exactly is the training that I’ll receive?
Online TEFL Course
Before you leave for Vietnam you will complete our 120-hour Online TEFL Course which will help you learn everything you need to know to become an excellent teacher. It will teach you all about different methods or teaching and learning, how to structure your lessons properly, how to stay in control of your classes, and much, much more. If you’re interested in a syllabus before applying please email us. When you arrive you will then have an orientation seminar where you will learn all about living and teaching in Vietnam; we’ll teach you a few necessary Vietnamese phrases, tell you the dos and the don’ts, let you know how the school system works and most importantly show you which dishes will burn your mouth!
On Location TEFL Course
Just like the course above, you’ll learn everything you need to know to become a great teacher, and you will also gain classroom experience during the course. The course will also include a full orientation and as you’re in Vietnam for three weeks before your placement begins, you’ll feel like a local by the time you start teaching!

What happens when I land in Vietnam?
A member of staff from Invasion or from our Vietnamese partner will meet you straight from the airport and transport you to the course location where you can check in to your free accommodation which is provided for the duration of the course. We’ll be on hand throughout the course to answer any questions, help you along the way and can show you around whilst you’re there. After the course has ended, our partners will then transport you to your placement location and will be able to help you to find accommodation, as well as give you a tour of the local area. From this point onwards, you’re a practising teacher in Vietnam!!Vietnam 8

Can I extend my time teaching?
Of course you can! We can guarantee that almost all of you will be asking this question!!

How do I get paid each month, and can I send money home?
When you arrive in Vietnam we will help you set up a Vietnamese bank account with a cashcard and your salary will be paid into this account at the end of each month. Sending money home is really easy, but the banks do charge a fee, so it is generally better to send money home in large amounts. If you plan to use your English account in Vietnam we recommend that you inform your bank before departing to avoid any problems.

What shall I pack, and what happens if I forget something?
Remember that Vietnam’s average temperature is 30ºC, so you don’t need to bring heavy coats and jumpers in your bag also remember that you can buy everything you need in Vietnam, so don’t waste space on a lifetime’s supply of toiletries! Just make sure you bring suitable clothes for work, plenty of clothes to wear in your time off, things for the beach, sun-cream, mosquito repellent, sunglasses and most importantly don’t forget to pack your passport. You can buy everything in Vietnam so don’t worry if you forget something as most of the time it’s much cheaper than it is in the West! Also, raincoats for those heavy monsoon rains are available on the street corners.


‘Coming to Vietnam and the Vietnam program has been a life-changing experience for me’
Tiaan, South Africa, August 2012
‘Doing the 4 week course in Ho Chi Minh City made the whole experience easier. The trainers taught our group in a relaxed fun way with plenty of practical advice.
Narelle, Australia, September 2012
‘Loving it here. Teaching now feels easy and I love to see how my students progress’
Josh, Canada, October 2012

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